Copy ordering, searches and charges

Cumbria Archives has revised its copying services

  • We have waived camera licence fees so that researchers can take their own photographs of documents free of charge (subject to copyright and physical condition of the documents)
  • We regret that we cannot provide a photocopying service to researchers to prevent the need for handling of documents
  • Researchers may take photographs of microfilm images or save images to their own memory sticks where this facility is provided
  • Our Digitisation Service provides high quality images of documents for publication or preservation for a fee

    Remote enquiry service

    We undertake a limited look-up and copying service if you are unable to visit our Archives.

  • We can answer general questions about our holdings and services
  • We can only provide one specific search of not more than 30 minutes duration per customer per Archive Centre free-of-charge
  • We shall provide, where relevant, photographs of documents. A fee will be charged for this service. Please note these photographs will be for access purposes only and will not be to the higher standard provided by our Digitisation Service. For publication quality images, or for photographs of fragile or outsize documents, we may have to refer you to our Digitisation Service
  • The following charges shall apply where we supply electronic copies: 1 - 10 copies, £15.50 (minimum charge); 11-50 copies, £31.00; 51-100 copies, £62; work above 100 copies, will be charged at the rates previous (101-110, 111-150, 151-200 copies etc.) at £62 per hour pro rata.
  • For more extended research, enquirers may wish to contact a private records researcher to undertake work for a fee on their behalf. More details are given on our Paid Research web page

  • You should contact the relevant Cumbria Archive Centre with your enquiry. Our staff will advise if they can supply your requirements or advise alternative solutions. You may need to complete and return a copy order/copyright declaration form (do not do this until instructed by our staff)
  •  Copy order/copyright declaration form (Word 67KB)
  • Copy order/copyright declaration form (PDF 94KB)
  • Copy order/copyright declaration form (Text version 5KB)

You can return this to us in the body of an email as a text file, or download the Word or PDF versions, complete and send as an attachment to the appropriate Archive Centre, along with your payment. Please note: these costs relate to reproduction for private research only (*please see below for more information)

Commercial publication/exhibition fees - a separate scale of charges applies, appended to Media Agreement (PDF 120KB) (Media Agreement (Word 60KB)

* Aside from Copies for Commercial Publication, copies supplied are for private or non-commercial research only and cannot be published without obtaining copyright clearance and paying the appropriate reproduction fee to Cumbria Archives. Publishing includes reproducing material obtained from our holdings on the internet, in a book or periodical, in an exhibition, and broadcast on television or radio.

The charges above are with effect from 1 April 2024 and a full list of our current charges (PDF 48KB) is available.