Expert help with digitisation needs

The Conservation Unit of Cumbria Archives in Carlisle offers a high quality Digitisation Service. This is a specialist service for customers who require the following:

  • high quality/resolution images for publication
  • digital images of large size items such as maps and plans, or large/tightly-bound volumes
  • digital images of fragile material, or items which require conservation treatment before digitisation

The following charges (including VAT) shall apply from 1 April 2024 where we supply electronic copies: 1 - 10 copies, £15.50 (minimum charge); 11-50 copies, £31.00; 51-100 copies, £62.00; work above 100 copies, will be charged at the rates previous (101-110, 111-150, 151-200 copies etc.) at £62 per hour pro rata. We can provide you with high quality images via e-file sharing, email or on a CD, DVD. There are additional cost for print outs on paper according to size; further details are available from our expert team.

Please contact our Archive Centres for enquiries on copying or digitisation. Our staff will advise if we can provide through our remote enquiry service or if necessary refer you to our Digitisation Service or an external paid researcher.

Please note: copies supplied are for private or non-commercial research only and cannot be published without obtaining copyright clearance and paying the appropriate reproduction fee to Cumbria Archives. Publishing includes reproducing material obtained from our holdings on the internet, in a book or periodical, in an exhibition, and broadcast on television or radio. A separate scale of charges apply, in addition to any digitisation costs, for the publication of archives, which can be found appended to our media agreement (PDF 120KB)   media agreement (Word 60KB).