The following indexes have been created either by Cumbria Archives or by volunteers from their own contribution. These indexes are for personal research use only and may not be reproduced or published in any form or used for commercial purposes (Creative Commons licence Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International). Further guidance for family historians on coverage of parish registers can be found in our publication Cumbrian Ancestors. An extensive list of parish register transcripts and indexes publications is available from the Cumbria Family History Society.

Barrow: Barrow Cemetery 1901-1960 (Excel 2010, 2.7MB) 

Beckermet/Thornhill: Cemetery Register 1922-2015 (Excel 2003, 1MB)Gravestones 1905-2013  (Excel 2003, 250KB); Beckermet and Thornhill Cemetery Plan (PDF, 110KB). Photographs of gravestones are available from Whitehaven Archives . 

Cleator St Leonards: Burials, 1728-1962 (Excel, 616KB);  Monumental Inscriptions  (Excel, 161KB)Graveyard plan  (Word, 239KB) 

Cockermouth Cemetery: Burials 1856-1946 and Monumental Inscriptions mid 19th-late 20th century (Excel 2010, 3.2MB)
Burial Grants 1881-1895; 1897-1973 (Excel 2010, 1.04MB)
Maintenance of grants in perpetuity, 1950-1953; 1957-1973 (Excel 2010, 149KB)
Permits to erect monuments, 1950-1955; 1971-1972 (Excel 2010, 120KB)

Hensingham Cemetery: Burial Register with inscriptions 1866-2012 (Excel 2003, 2.4MB). Photographs of gravestones are available from Whitehaven Archives . 

Maryport (Crosscanonby/Netherhall) Cemetery: Burial Register 1856-1946 (Excel 2003, 5.5MB) 

Netherwasdale: Cemetery Register 1916-2015 (Excel 2003, 750KB) 

Parton Non-Conformist Cemetery: Gravestones database 1894-2013 (Excel 2003, 160KB)Cemetery Plan (PDF, 85KB). Photographs of gravestones are available from Whitehaven Archives . 

St Bees: Burials/Inscriptions database 1731-2014 (Excel 2003, 1.4MB) see also St Bees burials (external website). Photographs of gravestones are available from Whitehaven Archives . 

Whitehaven: Holy Trinity, St James, St Nicholas monumental inscriptions  (PDF, 600KB)
Whitehaven Cemetery Burial Register Entries: 
Whitehaven Cemetery Burial Register, Nov 1855-Mar 1888 (Excel, 1.9MB)
Whitehaven Cemetery Burial Register, Mar 1888-Jan 1931 (Excel, 2.1MB)
Whitehaven Cemetery Burial Register, Jan 1931-Jun 2014 (Excel, 2.0MB)
Wigton Cemetery: Burials Register 1855-1946 (Excel 2003, 4.4MB)

This newspaper was published in Whitehaven between 1774 and 1915. The indexes below cover the period 1774-1860. The surname indexes mainly relate to mentions of marriages and deaths, with some births and mentions in advertisements. Shipping relates to names of ships, a general subject index, and estates relates to mentions of estates, farms and other properties.  

Cumberland Pacquet: Surnames Index A-L (Excel 2003, 6.6MB) 
Cumberland Pacquet: Surnames Index M-Z (Excel 2003, 5.4MB)
Cumberland Pacquet: Shipping, Subjects and Estates indexes (Excel 2003, 1.8MB)

Barrow Police index, 1881-1964 (collection BSBP, Excel, 147KB)Furness Permanent Railway Staff index (collection BTBR, Excel, 39KB); and index of the Barrow Unemployed (post-WW1) (Excel, 41KB)

Cumberland and Westmorland Lunatic Asylum/Garlands Mental Hospital, Carlisle: Index of patient admissions and reception orders, 1862-1915 (Excel 2010, 830KB)

Cumberland Militia Lists (Excel, 2.4MB) , for 1806, 1807, 1812, 1818, 1824, 1828 and 1831, and  North Lonsdale Local Militia index (Excel, 41KB) . See also our explanatory notes on  Cumberland Militia Records (PDF, 45KB)Cumberland Militia History (PDF, 80KB) and detailed  Cumberland County Ward Maps (PDF, 760KB) 

Bastardy bonds, Cumberland Quarter Sessions, 1770-1834 (Excel, 470 KB)
Data taken from the Recognizance Books, Cumberland Quarter Sessions relating to Bastardy Bonds, 1770-1834 (bonds undertaken for the maintenance of illegitimate children). There is a gap between 1771-1780, which will be filled in due course by compiling details from the loose papers of the Quarter Sessions (series Q/11).

Carlisle: Calendar of Prisoners from the Quarter Sessions and Assizes, 1906-1917 (52KB); Carlisle Housing Index 1917 (1.25MB), giving details of owners and occupiers from original registers held at reference CA/E/9 (Carlisle Archives). For further information see Jean Turnbull's PhD thesis on interwar housing change in Carlisle, 1917-1939 available online from the British Library.

Whitehaven and Carlisle: Shipping index (vessels), arranged alphabetically by name of ship and taken from shipping registers at Whitehaven and Carlisle Archives:  Shipping index of vessels, A to Z (Excel, 1.3MB). Gives details such as tonnage, where built, where and when registered and type of vessel. Please make a note of 'CAS reference' and contact staff for further information. 

Barrow: Register of shipping apprentices, 1872-1965 (Excel, 65KB); indexes of shipyard staff and apprentices (Excel, 7.8MB)Vickers armaments and submarine drawings at Barrow (Excel, 1.9MB)

Policing and Crime in Westmorland, compiled by an academic researcher:

Kendal Police Service Record Book, 1860-1934 (Excel, 95KB)Kendal Police and their families in the 1881 Census  (Excel, 15KB)   Kendal Court reports, 1880  taken from the Westmorland Gazette and Kendal Mercury (Excel, 240KB)

Kirkby Stephen Petty Sessions cases, 1874-1900 (Excel, 1.7MB)Brough Hill Fair criminal cases, 1858-1901 (Excel, 23KB) (Fair held in the Kirkby Stephen and Appleby area); 

Offenders in the Kirkby Lonsdale police occurrence book, 1897-1900 (Excel, 31KB)Kirkby Lonsdale vagrants, 1869-1884 (Excel, 23KB)

Carlisle Archive Centre:  Library books and other printed resources (Excel, 338KB) for use of researchers  

Kendal Archive Centre: Search Room Library books (Excel, 724KB)  for the use of researchers 

Ulverston: marriage notice books 1864-1871; 1911-1916; 1977-1986 (Excel 1997-2003, 1.3MB)

Research paper on the surnames Sturdy and Stordy in Cumberland from c1250 (PDF, 1MB)